Bordeaux Direct Basket

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  • Wine Type Red
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One of our most popular gifts that includes selections all hand-picked and imported by Wally’s. Enclosed is a collection of top-flight choices from one of the world’s most important wine regions. This year’s all-star line-up includes 2014 Chateau de Bel, 2015 Instant Becot, 2015 Instant Becot, 2015 Chateau Croix Mouton, 2014 La Violette du Manoir, 2015 Chateau Laclaviere, and 2015 Chateau Cap d’or. These incredible wines are presented in a traditional wooden box paired with Italian imported 100 year balsamic vinegar, sea salt popcorn, caramel bon bons, dark chocolate, and more.

2014 Chateau De Bel
2015 Instant Becot
2015 Chateau Croix Mouton
2014 La Violette du Manoir
2015 Chateau Laclaverie
2015 Chateau Cap d'Or

Paul & Pippa Smoked Salt
Mrs. Weinstein Original Butter (orange)
B Toffee Dark Chocolate 9oz Canister
Harper Macaw 77% Poison Frog
Okina Fromage Biscuits
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