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We Love Calvisius Caviar!
December 6, 2018

We Love Calvisius Caviar!


Exceptional caviar takes patience to produce. It also takes an exceptional depth of knowledge and expertise. Located near Brescia, Italy, Calvisius is the gold standard in sturgeon caviar. Over 40 years of passion and expert craftsmanship has shaped them into an industry leader for both environmental methods and the consistent production of premium-quality caviar that is served in the world’s finest restaurants. Modern sustainable practices are combined with traditional techniques to transform these precious eggs into a sophisticated delicacy. By curing in the true ‘Malossol’ (low-salt) technique, each caviar’s distinct, natural qualities emerge resulting in an unparalleled tasting experience. One that brings the caviar lover back to the Golden Age of caviar!


Oscietra Imperial Gold – Russian Sturgeon – A. gueldenstaedtii
(Velvety, medium firm eggs with individual ‘pop’. Pearlescent golden amber colors with flecks of brown).

• Seductive round umami flavors of pine nuts, fresh pecans, and a touch of seafoam brine come together to make this an amazing, ultra-luxurious Malassol selection. The definition of elegance, there is very little true golden Oscietra in the world making this the ultimate treat! The High Priestess of Oscietras!
• Exclusive to Wally’s Wine and Spirits

Siberian Royal – Siberian Sturgeon – A. baerii
(Slightly larger eggs than the S. Classic with lighter grayish-golden eggs)

• A full-flavored caviar that boasts a perfect marriage between bottarga and dried fruit flavors with just a trace of cured meats. A succulent caviar that demands attention and finishes with clean, pure unabashed flavor.

Sevruga - Starry Sturgeon - A. stellatus
(Small delicate eggs, color varies between dark gray to light shades of gray)

• A bold caviar with rich and complex flavors of the sea mixed with a touch of hazelnut and iodine. Slightly reminiscent of anchovies. This true Sevruga, indigenous to the Caspian Sea, is a rare treat for the real caviar aficionado!

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